One day – specifically July the 17th, 2017 – EnniMorgan was B.O.R.E.D. She opened her book of poetry by Emily Dickinson – her favorite poet of all time. To her astonishment, bewilderment, and secret-horror-that-she-might-be-crazy, the picture of Emily Dickinson in the cover came to life.

     It appeared that Enni – with her love of poetry – possessed the power to make the pictures of the poets in certain poetry books come alive again. Delighted Enni got to meet Emily Dickinson, and find out the personalities of other adored poets. If they happened to get too out of hand, (ahem, Lewis Caroll) all she had to do was shut them in their book.

      Enni decided that she wanted to start a blog with Emily. Emily had literally no idea what a blog was, (she was from the 19th Century) but she was willing. Therefore, Poem in my Pocket was born, and today you have the pleasure of reading humorous poet discussions, meaningful/comedy poems, interesting poetic adventures, and participating in epic poetry contests.

Poem in my pocket signoff




10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Do you think you could give us the themes for December poetry contest now so that we can prepare?
    Because it takes me a long time to write poems.
    If not, thats ok.

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